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Looking for an honest 35mm SLR camera review or user experience? Look no further. Over the next few pages you will find all 35mm SLR camera reviewed here on EMULSIVE, from Nikon to Chinon, Leica to Contax and Minolta to Canon.

If you are looking for a specific camera that is not listed here, please contact us via the contact page!

I used to hate electronic cameras because people kept saying “they might break”. That was until I came across the […]

Nikon F3P - top to bottom

At the time, the “stock” Nikon F3 was so popular among Japanese photojournalists that Nikon decided to create a […]

Leica is known for its legendary camera craftsmanship, but I don’t need to tell you that. Why you […]

Another alternative to Hasselblad XPan: Introducing the PressPan

Before I start, I just wanted to mention a few things. In the interest of the flow of […]

Build the SCURA

I once came across a post on Facebook from a “pinhole” colleague showing their recently acquired SCURA 35mm panoramic […]

Leica R6 review;  Like recommending an Aston Martin - by Alexander Laurent

The secret to Leica’s R-series is that their optical formulas for their SLR lenses are the same as their […]


First an admission, I’m an accidental Pentaxian. Like thousands of others, quite by chance, I learned to shoot […]

Contaflex Super (New) and Kodacolor 400 Expired in 1987

Discovered at the bottom of the cellar this 1987 film. My oh my expired, breaking and boring […]

Following my CONTAX S2 review last year, I wondered why I liked using my S2 so much more than […]

Camera test: 14 years with the invisible Nikon FM3a

In January 2006, after about 5 years of film photography with a combination of cheaper cameras (for example, a Minolta […]

Choosing a 35mm film SLR: An overview of six vintage film camera manufacturers

Since the publication of my original book, “Nikon Film Cameras, Which is Best for You?”, I have acquired a number of […]

CONTAX AX review: manual focus autofocus lenses

When it comes to manual autofocus lenses on film cameras, there’s really only one option: the unique and relatively short-lived CONTAX AX. Big brother of the CONTAX RX and…

Cover - The Nikon F2 - an everyday camera for the 21st century

The F2 was Nikon’s flagship mechanical and manual camera of the 1970s.

Cover - How to save money on lenses with a Nikon Pre-AI v2 system

The cost of manual focus 35mm equipment is rising and Nikon equipment is leading the pack.

It was always going to get to this point. With compact cameras equipped with fixed lenses, even if the image quality is decent, the photographer is limited to a single defined focal length.

Cover - Fulfilling a 37-year-old dream... My first Nikon F3

I remember the Nikon F3 was expensive when it was released in 1980. Back then, a new Nikon F3 with a 50mm lens cost around US$1,175, or about US$3,500 adjusted for inflation.

Camera test: 30+ years with the Nikon FG-20 (v2)

In 1984, I had just entered my twenties and my pockets were not very deep. Until then, I was using a Rolleiflex SL35M, my second SLR, but it no longer worked.

For the past few months, I’ve tried to settle for “the one”. The only 35mm film camera that will meet all my photography needs.

Cover - Camera test - the Olympus IS-5000 bridge camera - by Tom Perry

2002 was a funny time for the cameras.

Cover - Canon EOS1 review

I brought the Canon EOS-1 a few years ago and out of all the cameras I’ve had and been able to use so far, it’s still my favorite in the analog EOS of origin.

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