Amanda Seyfried calls loss of Wicked role ‘devastating’ – Film News |


Amanda Seyfried has admitted losing a role in the movie Wicked was “devastating”.

Mamma Mia! The actress had openly campaigned to play Glinda the Good Witch in the film adaptation of the musical and managed to land an audition for the role. However, the role ultimately went to Ariana Grande.

In an interview with Porter magazine, Amanda insisted she was “indestructible” when it came to professional rejections, but admitted losing Wicked was a blow.

“(That doesn’t mean I don’t get hurt in my job. I lost a big role that I really wanted — (well) I thought I wanted,” she shared. It was devastating, and there was no other reason I really felt it was right, but that doesn’t take away from my confidence.

“Obviously being a parent changes your perspective on things, but it’s not just that. It’s finally gotten to the point where, it’s OK to be proud of your work. It’s OK to to be proud is OK to have confidence – it’s actually really important.”

The Mean Girls actress previously revealed in an interview with Backstage that she “literally bent over backwards” to audition for Glinda last summer weekend while playing “the toughest role of her Life”, Elizabeth Holmes, in The Dropout.

The Wicked movie, also starring Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba, is directed by Jon M. Chu and will be released in two parts, premiering on Christmas Day 2024.

Elsewhere in her interview with Porter, Amanda said she wished intimacy coordinators, who protect actors involved in nude scenes, were used on sets when she was younger.

“Being 19, walking around with no underwear on — like, are you kidding me? How did I let this happen?” she shared. “Oh, I know why: I was 19 and didn’t want to upset anyone, and I wanted to keep my job. That’s why.”


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