Anna Kendrick rescued by firefighters after being stuck in an elevator


Anna Kendrick was rescued by firefighters after being trapped in an elevator over the weekend.

The Pitch Perfect actress took to Instagram on Sunday to share that she and six others got stuck in the elevator on their way to an appearance to promote her new film Alice, Darling at the International Festival of the film from Toronto to Canada on Sunday.

“Ah, the classic ‘I’m late to this film festival cause I had to be rescued from an elevator’ #TIFF22 excuse,” she wrote in the caption.

In the clip, Anna documented the experience in the elevator, from pretending to ration water and food, to comically “vibrating” for the camera as everyone tried to stay calm.

And as firefighters descended a ladder into the elevator, Anna joked that she was glad she wore a maxi skirt that day.

“Good thing I’m not wearing a short skirt today,” the 37-year-old laughed. “The Lord told me, choose a long skirt, Anna.”

After everyone was rescued from the elevator, Anna stopped to pose for a photo with the fire department.

“I’m in love with every single one of you,” she joked.

And shortly after the star posted the video, a number of her friends were quick to comment on the ordeal.

“I love you and that scary AF (f**k) documentary series,” actress Brittany Snow wrote, while director Paul Feig posted, “Oh my god! Anna! You’re a rockstar .”


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