Anya Taylor-Joy Recounts Her “Very Scary” Experiences With The Paparazzi – News Film |


Anya Taylor-Joy has spoken candidly about some of her “very scary” experiences with the paparazzi.

Following the success of The Queen’s Gambit, the actress is one of the most sought-after names in Hollywood, with her upcoming projects including Last Night in Soho and The Northman.

But while most people she meets are very nice, in an interview for the October 2021 issue of Tatler magazine, Anya confessed that her interactions with photographers haven’t always been so pleasant.

“Most people are lovely and kind and just want to have a conversation, and I love that,” she shared. “Well, there are other times when you’re just one person up to 20 and it’s just not physically safe. It can be very scary when there are loads of men with cameras attached to their faces chasing you down the street.”

However, Anya recently discovered on a trip to New York that she could regain power in the situation by calmly introducing herself to the waiting snappers.

“The next morning I came out and said, ‘Hello, my name is Anya. Let’s lower the camera and meet.’ I’m not prey. I don’t want to run away. I prefer to say, “I understand that this is your job and I hope you can understand that I am a woman of a certain size and that I feeling intimidated right now, so can we make it work so you can do your job and I’m less scared?” the 25-year-old recalled.


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