Asian Pop-Up Cinema Season 14 Begins March 13, 2022

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CHICAGO – The 2022 local film festival scene is gaining momentum with spring season 14 of Chicago’s Asian pop-up cinema (APUC) starts on March 13 at CMA Niles (Illinois). South Korean film ‘Heaven: To the Land of Happiness’ has its Midwest premiere, starting nearly a month from APUC until April 10.

“Our festival continues to promote diversity and this season’s hand-picked selection includes many films made at the height of the pandemic,” APUC said executive director Sophia Wong Boccio. “Asian Pop-Up Cinema is proud to celebrate the filmmaker’s resilience and creativity despite the adverse conditions during the various waves of covid-19 and variants. The diverse lineup celebrates the best of Asian cinema from South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Taiwan. Programming highlights include continued representation from female filmmakers and, for the first time in two years, special in-person appearances.

opening movie APUC Season 14 on Sunday, March 13, 2022
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For a schedule of films and dates, click SEASON 14 SCHEDULE. For more information on tickets, click SEASON 14 TICKETS. In Chicago, movie theaters are CMA River East, Alliance Franchise of Chicago and the Tower Auditorium of the Illinois Institute of Technology. Suburban films will be screened at CMA Niles and the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago (Wheeling, Illinois). APUC is organized by the founder & Executive Director Sophia Wong Boccio.

In an interview with Patrick McDonald of HollywoodChicago Via Zoom, Founder and Executive Director Sophia Wong Boccio of the Asian Pop-Up Cinema series gives an insight into Season 14…

Official Trailer for Asian Pop-Up Cinema Series, Season 14…

Asian Pop-Up Cinema Season 14 kicks off on March 13, 2022 with “Heaven: To the Land of Happiness” at CMA Niles 12, 301 Golf Mill Center, Niles, Illinois. APUC until April 10. For a complete overview on APUC, Click here.

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