Bella Hadid and Precious Lee to headline various US Vogue covers – News Film |


Bella Hadid and Precious Lee are among the diverse cast of models selected to appear on the cover of US Vogue’s September issue.

Widely regarded as the fashion publication’s most important edition of each year, the 2021 issue was photographed at the offices of Vogue and also features Kaia Gerber, Anok Yai, Sherry Shi, Ariel Nicholson, Yumi Nu and Lourdes Leon.

As for the groundbreaking cover, Lee insisted that landing a Vogue photo shoot was a dream come true.

“I always knew I would be on the cover of the September issue. I won’t say I never doubted it would happen, but on a deeper level, I just knew,” she told the publication. “I manifested all of this by believing in myself and standing firm on who I am – without compromise.”

Yai echoed a similar sentiment and pointed out that today’s generation of fashion stars understand there’s so much more to modeling than just “standing in front of a camera.”

And as for Hadid, she enjoys finding new avenues to express herself within the industry.

“It’s like there were two Bellas – me, this person figuring out who she was, and ‘Bella Hadid’ the alter ego, who was, I don’t know, a sexbot who goes out every night ?” the 24-year-old laughed. “I have crazy social anxiety! Partying isn’t my thing, but I felt enormous pressure to project that image because I assumed that was all people wanted from me. Now, I don’t want to live in this box. I really feel like I have the right to speak.


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