Bring your film camera back to life using your phone… and record videos too!


Digi Swap’s latest gadget is set to be announced at CP+ in Japan (February 24-27) and it will allow you to connect your iPhone to a 35mm SLR camera. There is little information currently available but judging from the pictures and the intro video, this is a metal stand that acts as a stand for your iPhone and camera.

But why? Isn’t it enough to have an iPhone that takes digital photos and a film camera that takes, well, film? The problem is that the best 35mm film becomes so expensive to buy and develop.

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Not everyone who loves the aesthetics of film photography can afford it. With rolls of film now costing $/£5+ and development costs around $/£6+ depending on where you go, Digi Swap could help keep costs down.

You might not feel the same excitement as if you were working on a roll of film and developing it, but you can be more experimental and less careful about what you shoot.

(Image credit: Digi Swap)

Just as you would if you were shooting on film, you set the shutter speed and aperture in the camera, but the ISO is set via the Digi Swap app (free download from the App Store) . It can also be used to record video by setting the shutter to light bulb and the ISO sensitivity to auto.

The film cover door must be completely removed in order to attach the Digi Swap Gadget, which is screwed to the bottom. Your iPhone lens then sits in a holder with the lens aligned to look down at the film camera lens.

Once everything is set up, you can adjust your settings and start shooting. Each time you take a picture, you have to wind up the film and press the shutter button to take a picture. The image will then appear on your phone and you can decide if you need to adjust your settings.

While it may send shivers down the spine of film photography purists, not all of us have the luxury of being able to shoot on film all the time. Love it or hate it, the Digi Swap looks like a great way to recycle a film camera that’s no longer loading film or not performing as it should. There was no mention of price or availability date for purchase, but more information should be released on CP+ next month.

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