CineStill CS-LITE scanning light source –


CineStill is proud to announce the introduction of its first dedicated camera scanning product, the CS-LITE Camera Scanning Light Source. The CS-LITE is a compact camera scanning light source, created to provide film photographers with higher quality light output and better color management when scanning their 35mm and medium format film. favorites with a digital camera. The CS-LITE will be released just in time for the holiday season.

Camera digitization is the crossroads where analog and digital photography meet to coexist and create beautiful images. It combines the nostalgic and unique qualities of film photography with the convenience of digital photography. This space has continued to evolve over the past few years, giving photographers and creators new and better ways to shine a light on all the characteristics that make us fall in love with cinema.
The CS-LITE is the latest in this field and was created by photographers for photographers as we wanted an easy to use, bright and affordable light source.


The CS-LITE is loaded with a handful of features in a small package that can easily fit into anyone’s current camera scanning workflow. The CS-LITE features a CRI of 95+ for high color accuracy and a brightness of EV 15+ to provide enough illumination for even the densest negatives. What sets the CS-LITE apart from other light sources on the market is its ability to adjust color temperatures to properly match different film types, such as color negative, color positive, and black. and white.

Color temperatures are controlled by the three different color modes calibrated in the CS-LITE, which are: a Cool Light mode, a White Light mode and a Warm Light mode. Cool Light mode is intended for scanning color negative film such as CineStill 800T, 400D and 50D. Cool Light mode is designed to reduce the orange mask present in color negative film to provide photographers with more neutral scans. Color-balanced scans can result in better color separation with less noise.
White Light mode is ideal for scanning black and white film, as well as slides that have been processed with the CineStill Cs6 DynamicChrome warm tone developer.
Finally, the Warm Light mode is perfect for scanning slides, as the tungsten-balanced light can produce richer tones and better color separation, especially in the red channel.


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