Create your own digital camera at the Avant-Garde Art Space


Build your digital camera at Avant-Garde Art Space

Even though Instagram and TikTok reign supreme, film photography has had its moment lately. And they are often associated with artistic types. Now you can DIY your own digital cameras from scratch to Avant-garde art space at the Katong mall.

Not only will you have camera gear that you can truly call your own, but you can also score some cool indie film points. It’s time to have your main character moment like Juno Where Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Customize your own Paper Shoot Camera

Image credit: Paper Shoot Singapore

The digital cameras in question are from a company called Paper shooting. They’re made from eco-friendly stone paper, so it’s also durable. We can’t think of a better canvas for your Van Gogh aspirations.

And no, the photos won’t look like they were taken on a potato. The camera produces 16 megapixel photos and even 10 second 1080p videos for your IG or TikToks stories. But that’s not all, there’s even a time lapse function for your sunset shots.

The Paper Shoot Camera takes IG-worthy shots that look like they’re straight out of an indie movie.
Image credit: @papershoot1953r

You don’t need to edit your photos on VSCO afterwards, because the cameras come with 4 different built-in filters you can choose from: B&W, sepia, blue and color.

2-hour guided “art-jamming” workshop

If you are already convinced by the cameras, our job is half done. Here’s the fun part: turning it into a functional work of art.

Go wild or minimalist if you prefer – the camera is your canvas.
Image credit: Paper Shoot Singapore

Avant-Garde Art Space’s 2-hour guided workshop is where you can paint, draw or scribble on the digital cameras to make it your own. The workshop costs $199, and includes the camera and art supplies like crayons, crayons, and paint. All you have to bring is your creativity.

avant-garde art space
Image credit: @avantgardeartspace

Considering the Paper Shoot cameras already cost $168.50 each, this is a pretty worthwhile investment. AAA batteries and SD card are not included, but you can buy them from Avant-Garde or stores like Challenger.

Family activity with your children and furbabies

avant-garde art space
Image credit: @avantgardeartspace

It’s also a great activity for building family bonds, especially if your young ones like to doodle on anything and everything. They can even take their own camera home if they want to start their photographic hobby young.

The space is also pet-friendly – ​​so you can snuggle up with your furbabies while you create your own digital camera.

Art jam at the Avant-Garde Art Space

Photography and art often go hand in hand. To Avant-garde art space, the Custom Camera Workshop lets you do both at the same time. So it’s finally time to get away from the daily grind and unleash your creativity. Who knows, you might just be the next art maestro.

Sign up for the Avant-Garde Art Space workshop

Address: 865 Mountbatten Road, Katong Shopping Centre, #01-28, Singapore 437844
Opening hours: 12 p.m.-10 p.m., daily
Contact: 8023 1554 | Instagram Vanguard Art Space

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Cover image adapted from: Paper Shoot Singapore, @avantgardeartspace, @papershoot1953r


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