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Ahead of the release of his new movie The Lost City, Daniel Radcliffe joined Magic Radio presenters Tom Price and Kat Shoob for a chat on the breakfast show.

The actor who was in great shape spoke enthusiastically about his co-stars in the film Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, who not only starred in the film but also produced the film.

“Sandra is someone I grew up watching her movies in a way I didn’t with the people I worked with on Potter, so I was completely overwhelmed by Sandra at first. She’s also very normal, which I think freaked me out more. I was like, ‘I expected you to be tall or crazy and you’re none of those things’. She was fantastic and I can’t stress enough how awesome she is, to have had her career and still be so giving and playful and grounded She’s a producer on this movie and a lot of the actors are taking producer credits which are purely vanity credits where they don’t do anything for them but she was literally out of the water from a stunt sequence on day two and was getting on the hold boat and planning marketing meetings and I was like “oh wow you really do that.”

However, Daniel revealed that much to his disappointment, and some of his families, he was unable to film with Brad in the film. “I couldn’t be on set with Brad Pitt at any time during this movie that I was kind of sad about and even sadder for some of the women in my life. They were like ‘you should fight to put yourselves on. onstage that day’ and I said I didn’t just want to run up and say ‘hi Mr. Pitt, I’m in the movie too’ So no I haven’t met Brad but I’m still in a movie with him that I still have to pinch myself on.

Staring in a movie with two of Hollywood’s most attractive men meant the Harry Potter star felt he needed to up his game as he joked with the Magic Radio presenters “It’s 100% the best I’ve ever seen.” ‘ve never looked in front of the camera because again I walked in and was like ‘guys, I’m in a movie with Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt, you gotta do something about that face and that hair’. So , they gave me a very, very nice haircut that I still have, it’s just how I look now, and they put me in some amazing costumes.

Although Daniel is currently a fan of his look, he confirmed that there are currently no plans for the actor to join his co-star Channing in Magic Mike, which is currently filming in the UK saying “Somebody brought up the fact that there was almost certainly a Harry Potter themed strip act somewhere in the world and I was like I didn’t want to see it, but good luck to them.

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