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Joseph and Vanessa Winter (director)

quiver (studio)

18 (certificate)

87 (length)

October 06, 2022 (published)

13 minutes

With Deadstream you may first wonder oh no not another entry into the social media subgenre that is becoming ubiquitous. But doubts are soon dispelled by our man whom you may end up loving out of hating.

Making excellent use of tech writers and directors, Joseph and Vanessa Winter deftly blend the absurdity of online “star” self-creator Shawn Ruddy (Joseph Winter) who, after public disgrace, seeks to rekindle his fortune and his number of followers.

He came up with the idea to broadcast live from America’s most haunted house that once belonged to poet Mildred Pratt. It’s a nifty operation that includes its operations center and cameras set up around the house so the viewer gets both Shawn’s point of view and a more traditional point of view.
the cinematic experience, although it remains very much within the scope of social media technology.

At first, there’s an awkwardness about it as Shawn doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and just reacts to comments from his followers that pop up on screen. He’s then joined by fan Chrissy (Melanie Stone), where the film begins to kick into high gear with genuine horror and lots of laughs as Shawn annoys the ghost (who has a habit of sticking his finger in his nose ) and embarks on a nightmare of mess. Which he can’t easily get out of because the idiot sabotaged his car in an act of hubris.

There are other presences in the house that add to Shawn’s dilemma. And that’s a dilemma because the Winters developed the character of Shawn a lot more than usual for this type of film. It’s not a positive as he becomes self-centered, so the multiple hits he receives rank high on the comedy scale, and not much likability.

A vague dashcam companionship can be drawn with the POV and chatter of on-screen followers, but it strikes a far more satirical note than this film.

Deadstream premiered at London FrightFest in August and will be available on Shudder from October 6th.


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