DIGI SWAP gives your old film camera new life as a recycled digital camera


Now you can continue to enjoy the unique analog experience of a film camera without giving up the conveniences of your smartphone.

Although the camera market continues to survive and even thrive despite the onslaught of smartphones, one type of dedicated shooter has all but disappeared. With the exception of professionals and amateurs who attempt to faithfully recreate the intricacies and flaws of the physical medium, film cameras have for the most part been left in the dust, unused and forgotten. People often hold onto those old cameras as memorabilia from a bygone era, when taking photos had a certain element of uncertainty and excitement every time you pressed the shutter button. Now you can relive those moments and repurpose your old film camera with this rather ingenious system that combines the feel of an analog shooter with the conveniences of a smartphone camera.

Creator: Yoshihiro Komori

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DIGI SWAP is actually made up of two parts, two sides of the same coin. For one, you have an adapter that attaches to the back of your film camera and acts as a stand for your iPhone. In a nutshell, the adapter projects the image that passes through the film camera lens into the iPhone camera, effectively turning the smartphone into the equivalent of a roll of film. Of course, that alone doesn’t complete the experience, which is where the DIGI SWAP app comes in.

This app is almost magical in that it seemingly syncs with what you’re doing on the camera without physically connecting to those controls. Aside from adjusting certain settings on the app, like ISO sensitivity, everything happens automatically. You use camera controls for aperture, shutter speed, and focus adjustment, but the photo is automatically saved to the iPhone gallery the moment you press the button. the physical shutter.

The samples were taken with DIGI SWAP.

This has the effect of recreating both the feel and visual style of old school film cameras, which often have a rather blurry quality. You can pull the winding lever just before you take your shot, just like the good old days. In fact, the app even has an “Empty Movie” screen that pops up after taking 36 photos. Of course, this is just an artificial limitation, and you can continue filming by pressing the “Replace Film” button, but it faithfully recreates the emotions that often run high when you realize you’ve run out of film.

Most importantly, DIGI SWAP gives shutterbugs a fun and useful way to retrain their old trusty companions. Rather than letting them gather dust or, worse, throwing them away, they can now use that same film camera in a new way that lets you relive the thrills that even today’s digital cameras can’t provide. not. It can even become a way for different generations to connect, where young and old meet halfway with a loving and nostalgic mix of past and present.

Click here to buy now: $188 $235 (reduction of 20). Hurry, more than 974/100!


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