EMULSIVE’s Most Popular Film Camera Reviews of 2021


2021 isn’t long until the end of 2021 now, so let’s start wrapping things up by taking a look at this year’s most popular film camera reviews. From Leica to Kiev, and Nikon to Mamiya (with a bunch in between), here are this year’s top 12 reviews, chosen by you.

As for 2021, I’d love to hear from you about specific cameras you’d like to see reviewed here in 2022. Please message me through the contact page. I’ll get back in touch with you after my little end-of-year break 🙏

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Leica is known for its legendary camera craftsmanship, but I don’t need to tell you that. Why do you think we all claim […]

Hello. My name is Aivaras and I am a bokeh addict. I got into film photography mainly because of my ability to play with […]

The Analogue Studio Polaroid conversion kit for the Mamiya RB67

I get easily turned on by little things. Whether it’s new film, film resurrected from the dead (go Agfa Vista […]

I had wanted to get into 6×7 medium format gaming for a while and finally bought the Pentax 67 (the “intermediate” version […]

I love medium format cameras but sometimes I feel a bit lazy: I just want to take pictures with a fast and convenient camera at […]

The Kiev 60. This is the camera that introduced me to medium format film photography, and for better or for worse, the one I adore, […]

Six months with the Nons Camera SL42 Mk II, a real user review

I’ve had the Nons SL42 Mark II camera for 8 months and it has transformed my instant film photography. In this mid-term user review, I’ll explain why the Nons camera has held a special place in my instant camera lineup.

Pentax 67 panoramic photographs - 35mm film mask

I first heard about the 24x65mm widescreen format when I bought my Fujifilm GFX50S a few years ago. The medium format digital camera is capable […]

The best of both: the Nikon Z6 "vs." the Nikon F6 in a portrait s

After learning last year that our office was closing, I wanted to use my photography skills to give something back to people. […]

Unrequited love: the Fuji GA645 Professional

I admit my bias right away: I love GA. This camera produces crisp, perfectly exposed negatives with minimal fuss and worry.

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