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Ewan McGregor was “blown away” by the screenplay his daughter Clara co-wrote for their upcoming film You Sing Loud, I Sing Louder.

Last year, the Star Wars actor’s 26-year-old daughter, actress Clara, revealed she had co-written a deeply personal film in which she would star alongside her famous father.

In a profile interview with UK magazine GQ, Ewan revealed they shot the film with a small crew in New Mexico last fall and the story follows a father leading his daughter to rehab.

Speaking publicly about the project for the first time, the Scottish star admitted he was initially apprehensive about the idea but was won over by Clara’s script.

“She told me (a few years ago) that she had the idea to write about us. At first I was a little nervous. I didn’t know what it meant,” he said. -he shares. “I got the script while I was doing (Netflix series) Halston. I sat down to read it and was blown away. It was a great story about us. not accurate or twisted, but they reflect our estrangement for a while.

“I was so impressed by the story, by the humor. There is a kind of recognition that made me very proud and at the same time very close to her. I felt like she understood more than I thought.”

He insisted that the reader is fictional, but the story is a reflection of their relationship and the time “we kind of lost her” for a few years.

The Trainspotting star wasn’t just blown away by Clara’s writing – he was also won over by her acting. He praised, “I was really impressed with her as an actor. It was just the most remarkable experience to perform with her.”

You Sing Loud, I Sing Louder is currently in post-production.


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