Glen Powell: Top Gun: Maverick is better than the original – Actus Ciné |


Glen Powell thinks “Top Gun: Maverick” “raises the bar in every way”.

The 33-year-old actor stars in the action sequel as Lt. Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin and believes the new blockbuster tops the iconic 1986 original film that made Tom Cruise a star in Hollywood.

Speaking to IndieWire, Glen said: “I thought that movie was magical. It lasted for a reason. And over the years, as I’ve watched it, many, many times and shared it with many people, it hasn’t lost a bit of that magic.

“I think going back to it was kind of a daunting idea, certainly daunting for Tom, who I know was hesitant to do it because retreading the movie that made him a movie star is a lot. How do you beat it? How do you get back to that tone?”

Powell continued, “I think what’s amazing about what we did in ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ we took that tone, updated it, made the aerial sequences even more extreme, and took a character and a story and really found a way that was new and fresh.

“I just think the timing, especially with the technology, the IMAX cameras on the back of these jets and putting real actors in there, I think we’ve raised the bar in every way. “

Glen was amazed to work alongside Cruise on the film and was impressed with how the actor handled the rest of the cast.

The ‘Hidden Figures’ actor said of his co-star, “He’s truly one of a kind. You and I have both been around Hollywood, movies and actors, and your heroes rarely live up to your expectations, and Tom is one of those guys who is so special.

“Movie stars tend to step away from the pack, and he’s a guy who really cares about everyone, all the young people in this movie, he really made sure we looked like that too. cool as possible in front of the camera, that we took care of them, that we listened to them, and I had an amazing ride.”


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