Go Wide and Weird with the New LomoApparat 21mm Compact Camera


If you’re an analog lover or want to get the nostalgia juices flowing while shooting film, then Lomography has just announced the camera for you. Equipped with a super wide 21mm lens with a 0.5m to 2m focusing distance and a fixed aperture of f/10, you can be sure that no matter where you point the LomoApparat, your shots will be sharp.

Lomography has also made this new 35mm point-and-shoot film even more fun by adding a flash gel holder that can hold 3 gels at once, which is also conveniently integrated into the camera and operates on a simple mechanism. sliding. If that’s not your thing, the LomoApparat also comes with three filters that attach directly to the lens to give your film photos special effects.

The close-up lens takes that already close focus lens to 0.5m and allows you to shoot 0.2m from your subject, if you like multiple exposures then take advantage of the included splitter lens which will slice and carve into wedges of any size, or if you want something totally wild why not choose the kaleidoscope lens which will give your subject a unique mirror image.

LomoApparat is available in a choice of two colors (Image credit: Lomography)

As well as this new Lomography camera (opens in a new tab) comes with some very unique accessories, it comes in two colors, a black option makes it a stealth camera with a retro flair, while the Neubau colorway introduces retro colors of teal, orange and cream to give the camera a real retro -feel.

Compact lenses typically have a 35mm lens at the widest setting of a prime or zoom lens, but 21mm is becoming a very popular focal length for many applications such as street photography, reportage and of course travel. This handy camera will also be great for parties, again thanks to its wide focal length you can just capture the moment without having to step away from the excitement to get everyone in the frame.

Sample images of the LomoApparat

(Image credit: Lomography)

(Image credit: Lomography)

(Image credit: Lomography)

(Image credit: Lomography)

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