GSC Movies releases teaser trailer for Sword Art Online progressive movie – Reuters


The film is released in Japan on October 30.

Malaysian movie channel GSC Movies began airing an English-subtitled trailer on Wednesday for Odexthe projection of Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night Animation Film. The film is listed as “coming soon” in Malaysia.

Odex describes the movie:

A month has passed since the start of Akihiko Kayaba’s killer game, and the death toll continues to rise. Two thousand players are already dead. Kirito and Asuna are two very different people, but they both desire to fight alone. Nevertheless, they find themselves coming together to face both inner and outer challenges. Since the entire virtual world they now live in was created as a death trap, the surviving players of Sword Art Online begin to get desperate, and the desperation makes them dangerous for loners like Kirito and Asuna.

As it becomes clear that loneliness equals suicide, can the two overcome their differences to find the strength to believe in each other and survive?

Sword Art Online: Progressive is a new version of Sword Art Online story that begins at the beginning of Kirito and Asuna’s epic adventure – on the very first level of the mortal world of Aincrad!

The film will be released in Japan on October 30 in standard and IMAX theaters.

The film had an IMAX preview screening on September 15 at the T-Joy PRINCE Shinagawa theater in Tokyo.

Ayako Kohno (unit director on Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic, high school fleet, The Seven Deadly Sins Movie: Prisoners of Heaven) directed the film at Pictures A-1and Kento Toya (Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of the Underworld, The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments) designed the characters. Yasuyuki Kai served as action director, and Yuki Kajiura returns to compose the music.

are also back Yoshitsugu Matsuoka like Kirito and Haruka Tomatsu as Asuna in the voice cast.

The anime is based on Reki Kawaharait’s Sword Art Online: Progressive light novel series. The new series launched in 2012 as a revised retelling of Kawahara’s original Sword Art Online novels. The story describes Kirito’s journey through Aincrad’s floating castle from the beginning, floor by floor. Yen Press published on Sword Art Online: Progressive series of novels in English, as well as two manga adaptations.

Source: GSC Films Youtube channel


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