“I am against the rating system in film reviews”


Ganesh Ravuri, the film critic-turned-dialogue writer, making his film debut with “Varudu Kavalenu”, shared his insights in an exclusive interview to greatandhra.com.

When asked how he felt seeing the film he was working on to prepare for film reviews, Ganesh said, “You shouldn’t work with the reviews in mind. If I do this, I can’t move my pen. I worked with my intuition and now ready to face any form of criticism.”

Saying he can’t write reviews anymore, he said, “I wrote the dialogue for this movie. I saw the hard work and passion of each artist and technician while emulating the dialogue with their performance. After seeing all this, I decided not to judge. anyone’s movie”.

Responding to a ratings-related question, he said, “I’m totally against the rating system in movie reviews. Many times I’ve expressed the same with our editor as well.”

Sharing how he got the opportunity to write dialogues for the film, he said, “I got this opportunity thanks to greatandhra. Producer Chinnababu garu once called me to his office. went I saw tabloid greatandhra on his table. It was the week when my review on Saaho was published. I wrote a satirical line referring to Anjanathavasi whom he liked. He said he noticed a certain flair in me and offered me this job. I didn’t change the given story anywhere, but I did my part in writing screenplays and dialogues that met the standards of commercial cinema” .

The film “Varudu Kavalenu” with Naga Shourya and Ritu Varma will hit the screens on October 29. Lakshmi Soujanya directed the film in Suryadevara Naga Vamshi production.

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