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Jude Hill thinks it would be “really nice” to be nominated for an Oscar.

The 11-year-old actor – who has already been shortlisted for Critics Choice and Screen Actors Guild Awards – is tipped to become the youngest Best Actor Oscar nominee since 1931 for his work on ‘Belfast’ and although he tries not to listen to speculation, he thinks it would be great for director Sir Kenneth Branagh if the film did well at the ceremony.

He said HELLO! magazine: “Hearing all these people saying that I’m going to be nominated, it’s really nice, but Oscar is a very big word.

“I think Kenneth deserves all the praise the movie gets.

“He put so much work into it because it’s so personal to him.”

Jude plays Buddy, a fictional version of the director, in the film and he was “pretty scared” at first about meeting Kenneth, but they ended up getting on really well.

He said: “I felt like the luckiest boy in the world meeting him. He was such a lovely person and so down to earth.

“I was actually quite scared at first because I was playing a younger version of him but he put me at ease straight away. As soon as he started talking my butterflies went away and we we’re amused.

“They all helped me. Kenneth taught me about camera angles and the camera and Ciaran Hinds taught me how to have fun on set.

“Judi Dench showed me how to learn the lines – each person taught me something different.”

The young actor returned to school after filming was completed, but he insisted his friends didn’t treat him any differently.

He said: “They were really excited to hear what I had done, but it really didn’t change anything and it only comes up a few times in our conversations.

“They all went to see the movie and they’re so proud.”


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