Leica “announces new film camera in October”


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Leica had teased news of a cheaper film camera in 2021, but none emerged (Pic: Syls/Flickr)

A new Leica film camera is expected to be announced by Leitz in October, according to reports.

Leica-centric site LeicaRumors.com has reported that a press event announcing the new M-mount camera will take place at Leitz’s German headquarters in October.

He said invitations for the event had already been sent out and selected photographers were already testing the new camera.

The new camera would be the first Leica film rangefinder to be released since the launch of the Leica MA – a modernized version of the classic M3 – in 2014. It is one of only two film models, along with the MP, to currently be in production. .

The M7, a replacement for the M6 ​​that featured TTL metering and aperture priority as well as manual mode, was in production for 16 years before being phased out in 2018.

In December 2020, it was reported that Leitz was planning a “cheaper” M-mount camera to be launched in 2021. No sign of such a model emerged last year.

LeicaRumors said it was “safe to assume” the new model would not be cheaper than the current range.

Leitz admitted to having struggled to keep up with demand for his film cameras.

In 2020, its global product manager, Stefan Daniel, told a meeting of the Leica Historical Society of America, “This level of interest in film cameras was something he hadn’t seen in the arrival of the digital Ms more than ten years ago.”

The MP and MA models are currently reportedly out of stock in the United States due to high demand.

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