Leica revives its famous M6 film camera with new refinements


by Jeremy Gray

published Thursday, October 20, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. EDT

Leica Camera AG has announced the return of a new Leica M6. After 20 years, Leica has restarted production on the Leica M6 35mm analog camera and given the film camera some new bells and whistles.

Among the changes to the Leica M6 (2022 edition) there is a modern version of the Leica M rangefinder with 0.72x magnification. The optical surfaces of the camera are now covered with a coating, which prevents stray light from causing problems. The new M6 features an improved light meter that indicates the correct exposure via a red dot in addition to the two arrow symbols originally used. The new M6 has a battery warning indicator. Additionally, the new M6 features a redesigned top cowl made of solid brass and enhanced with a scratch-resistant black lacquer. The original M6 used a die-cast top cowl.

The character of the original M6 remains intact. The new M6 features the same angled film rewind crank, mechanically operated fabric shutter, and Leica-branded red Leitz logo. At first glance, the M6 ​​of 2022 looks like the M6 ​​handcrafted from 1984 to 2002. During this period, Leica has built nearly 175,000 M6 cameras.

“The Leica M6 is a milestone in the company history of Leica Camera AG. Countless iconic photos have been taken with it since 1984; it was part of the product line for more than 18 years and remains a compelling photography with utilitarian value,” said Stefan Daniel, Senior Vice President, Technology and Operations. “Conscious analog photography as the antithesis of the flood of digital images enjoys great popularity. It was therefore logical for us to produce the Leica M6 again as one of the most popular representatives of this type of camera.”

There’s no doubt that analog photography has seen a renaissance in the two decades since Leica stopped making the M6. While digital photography continues to maintain a firm hold on the industry, analog photography has survived to carve out a small but significant niche. For photographers who missed the Leica M6 during its initial production run or perhaps want a new one for their 35mm film photography, the Leica M6 (2022) will be available for $5,295 from Leica retailers at from November 3.


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