Leica uses the hashtag #filmisnotdead… is a new film camera on the way?


There have been rumors that Leica will announce a new film camera in October, according to our previous report (opens in a new tab). Yesterday, the famous German camera manufacturer launched its weekly newsletter entirely dedicated to film photography.

The subject line featured the hashtag: #filmisnot dead and featured the works of Leica film photographers around the world with a second hashtag in support of the film: #FilmFriday. This hashtag isn’t new, and Leica – being the only camera maker still producing new film cameras – often features work by photographers who have chosen the analog format over its digital counterparts.

However, what’s interesting is that Leica Camera USA also shared a Throwback tweet on Thursday via social media platform Twitter, showcasing the Leica CM – a Leica M-inspired 35mm compact camera equipped with a High quality 40mm Leica Summarit f/2.4 lens.

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I’ve previously suggested that the alleged new Leica film camera might be called Leica ME – as that has always been the name of the entry-level M camera for the digital rangefinder range. But current film cameras consist of the purely mechanical Leica MA (opens in a new tab) and the light meter equipped with Leica MP (opens in a new tab).

The Leica CM was based on the Leica M rangefinder camera, it featured automatic settings like a real 35mm film camera, but it also featured pro-level features such as manual aperture and focus control. point. Maybe the new Leica film camera will be called Leica CM?

This is all hearsay at present with no official comment from Leica itself. But he bets the question when all of Leica’s social media points to analog photography, promoting film photography workshops, showcasing the work of Leica film photographers, and not to mention the all-new graphic that shows the Leica logo boldly displayed. on a strip of film, highlighted in a certain way, analog photographers choose the best negative from a roll of film.

Some might say it’s pure coincidence, but when you’ve been around as long as Leica, they know how to get their loyal followers excited about Leica products and components better than anyone, and a new film camera dedicated to the analog user, or bringing those interested in film photography to the Leica brand would benefit Leica considerably, especially if priced below current offerings of the Leica MA/MP which cost $5,595/£4,400 respectively.

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