Lomography’s small fisheye film camera is back in color!


Original and creative manufacturer Lomography has announced the return of its charming Fisheye Baby 110 camera, an ideal format for casual snapshots.

The new camera will reappear in a fun and bold “Bauhaus edition” as well as a sleek black and silver metallic colorway called Fisheye Baby Metal. Lomography film cameras are notorious for producing photos full of elements that most digital photographers want to avoid – think vignettes and light leaks – in the name of creativity. The Fisheye Baby 110 camera lives up to its name, because it really is a small pocket camera. It gives users a 170 degree view and also has a PC sync socket, as well as bulb and MX modes.

The Fisheye Baby 110 Bauhaus and Fisheye Baby 110 Metal are both available now, for $34.90 / £34.90 with the rest of the 110 cameras on the Lomography website (opens in a new tab).

(Image credit: Lomography)

(Image credit: Lomography)

What is a 110 film?

110 film is incredibly small and sometimes called “pocket film”. It’s packaged in a refillable cartridge that you don’t need to rewind, so you can switch movies on the go without wasting the whole movie. Lomography is the sole producer of the 110 film format, and it offers many options to choose from, including color negative, black and white, slide, and Redscale.

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What is Lomography?

The Lomographic Society International was established in Vienna in 1992, and it is an organization dedicated to experimental film photography. It produces the best lomographic cameras (opens in a new tab)lenses and accessories, and regularly expands its collection with new products like the Fisheye Baby 110.

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Sample Lomography Fisheye 110 Camera

Fisheye 110 cameras are perfect for some analog experimentation – cute and compact for capturing crazy Lomographic perspectives! (Image credit: Adrian Bilek)

What is a Lomograph?

The term Lomograph can apply to anyone “passionate about photography and eager to experiment,” says the Lomographic Society. There have been over 15 million photos uploaded to the Lomography community (opens in a new tab) so far.

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