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Louisa Jacobson says being compared to her mother Meryl Streep has been a “constant” part of her life.

The ‘Gilded Age’ actress is the youngest child of screen legend and husband Don Gummer, but the 31-year-old star insisted she was trying to ignore comments that she only got a job out of nepotism.

She said: “It’s going to be a constant thing throughout my life. It’s been since I remember – that ‘Do I deserve what I got?’ But I think of Jane Fonda and how she made a name for herself. And there have been many other people who have been able to chart their own path – like Sofia Coppola. I think it just takes time and not reading Twitter and just focusing on what I want to achieve as an artist.”

And Louisa believes maintaining “thick skin” is vital to a successful acting career.

She added to UK magazine Tatler: “This profession requires you to be thick-skinned when it comes to this sort of thing online and very thin-skinned when it comes to being on set and to be permeable to the emotions of others.

“I feel like I’m very careful about decisions in my life because I’ve been able to watch my older siblings [actresses Mamie and Grace Gummer and musician and actor Henry Gummer] doing what they do… I think a lot of people put pressure on themselves to be good at what they do, especially when you’re following such a prolific parent.”

Louisa met her actor boyfriend Jonathan Higginbotham at the Yale School of Drama and revealed she liked being with someone who understands the demands of her career.

She said: “It’s great in a way. We share this strange career together and can complain about the same things. He knows so deeply what I’m doing. [But] it’s always difficult to navigate through the different stages of your career. Imbalances that might exist at one time will swing and go the other way at another time. Just go with the flow and really support each other.”


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