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Minnie Driver called out an online troll who claimed she used cosmetic fillers.

The Good Will Hunting actress posted a video on Wednesday promoting a conversation she had with her 12-year-old son Henry on her Minnie Questions podcast, with the footage showing her talking to the camera while she was sitting in a car.

However, one follower wrote in the comments section, “Very heavy on the charges there,” and Minnie was quick to shut down the allegation.

“I didn’t. There is a filter on the video though. Leaving a message to shame anyone means that your ‘worry’ about other people’s choices seems like the least unpleasant thing to your topic,” she wrote, before adding the caption to her Instagram Stories: “Come see me sister. Women can fill their faces with whatever they want: hyaluronic acid/cake/Botox – unfortunately in the case of this person: bile.”

Minnie did not share further comments on the claims. However, the star previously shared in an interview with People magazine that she had never really been into cosmetics and only started wearing makeup when she launched her Hollywood career at the 25 years old.

“In my everyday life, you won’t see me wearing a lot of makeup,” the 51-year-old insisted. “Even when I have what I consider to be a lot of makeup, some rags online go (let’s say I’m) ‘don’t wear makeup through lunch’. I’m like, ‘Man, I did my eyelashes and my eyebrows. I’m wearing lipstick and I put a base on and it’s a cream blush. Thank you so much.'”


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