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Morbius leaps through its plot like a vampire, shooting a blood speedball into itself. As the Venom movies, Morbius can be enjoyed for all the wrong reasons. It’s the perfect movie to hate watching on a lazy Sunday night with your partner. Of course, that’s not the filmmakers’ intention since this is a major theatrical release.

Unless you’re a fan of unintentionally bad movies, I don’t understand the point of leaving your house to see Morbius. Is the film supposed to be a horror film coupled with action? If so, Warner Bros. currently has a much better film about a sullen superhero paired with bats that you can still see in theaters. Morbius is a film where the behind-the-scenes drama (if there was any) is more interesting than the film itself. I don’t know what creation I’m looking at, the director’s, the producers’ or both. Either way, the process of making a movie about this image doesn’t seem to go so well by any stretch of the imagination.

The story of Morbius is the same as any Spider-Man villain. Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leo) is a gifted scientist trying to find a cure for his illness. Unable to walk on his own two legs without the help of crutches, Michael decides to follow an experimental treatment which ends badly. By consuming the blood of a recombined bat with his own DNA, Dr. Morbius transforms into a violent and bloodthirsty vampire. Stupid scientists, don’t they know that bats spread disease?

When will scientists learn to stop playing God?

Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) in Columbia Pictures’ MORBIUS.

Now a victim of his creation, Dr. Morbius’ blood addiction causes him to take on a violent, vampiric form. His girlfriend/colleague scientist Dr. Martine Bancrof (Adria Arjona) travels to every corner of the earth to ensure her man’s safety. Without his rock Martine, Michael would have nothing. Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, you don’t have to be a critic to see where every act in the movie goes.

Morbius is creatively drained in almost every element. The cinematography looks like the cinematographer has installed LEDs and party lights, then mixed them with strobes to create a traditional horror look. An R rating would have complimented the look appropriately. Unfortunately, Morbius might be too violent a character to translate to PG-13 for kids to see.

The film attempts to make the audience feel sympathy for Dr. Morbius, but every action he takes is only for his benefit. Discernible character traits for the Doctor’s downfall of decency to be tragic, liberating, something, anything, would have been nice. Unfortunately, no signs of life are present here. The thing that has a bit of a heartbeat, ironically enough, is Jared Leto.

I’m not a fan of Jared Leto. He’s like a younger Johnny Depp who slams silly vocals rather than step into another character’s shoes. He can’t pretend then break it like Robert Pattinson can, and he also can’t shape his personality in a way that resonates with audiences like a regular Tom Hanks man. Jared is a pretty boring guy to watch. Still, he has the most personality next to Matt Smith who chews up the scenery at every opportunity. Mr. Leto’s dryness translates well for the role of a brilliant and unorthodox eccentric scientist.

Works like a B-movie, fails like an A-movie

Morbius, Morpheus
Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) in Columbia Pictures’ MORBIUS.

Morbius is a rushed and inadvertently hilarious game containing long stretches of boredom that have already escaped my memory, probably because Dr. Morbius’ quest to defy God sent me to dreamland a third of the way through the story. Luckily, the booming soundtrack kept me awake enough to see the usual comic book movie ending where hero and villain face off in a final boss fight. Speaking of which, don’t expect the action to be particularly noteworthy. The CGI looks like the smoke effects of PS4 Infamous: Second Son.

As I entered the elevator to leave the theater, I overheard a group of friends conversing, “It’s not as bad as I thought, but it could become cult.” Following the cult, I guess it’s fashionable to Trolls 2. Sincerely, like a B movie, Morbius can be very fun to watch. But it is an experience that can be had at home with a few friends. If you want a good laugh, you can’t do better than Sony’s latest horror flick, but it’s probably best to spend your money on an intentional comedy if you’re looking for a few laughs.


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