Movie reviews 2022: 42 of the best movies so far this year


Good luck to you, Leo Grande was highly publicized “like the film in which Emma Thompson takes off her kit”, said Matthew Bond in The Mail on Sunday. But before the actress lets her “dressing gown slip off” in this “fun, revealing, and seriously sexy” film, there’s a ton of talk — so much so that at times it feels more like a “play. in a single platter. “just a movie.

Thompson plays Nancy, a widowed former RE teacher who never had good sex with her husband, and so decides to pay Leo (Daryl McCormack), a beautiful Irish escort, to provide it. The film mainly takes place in the hotel room where they meet. Some of them stretch credibility, but Thompson is such a “class act” that he’s “definitely worth a watch.”

Written by comedian Katy Brand, “it’s a gripping and important film,” said Deborah Ross in The spectator. Older women are usually the “least developed characters” in cinema, and it’s “virtually unheard of” to see a single strip, let alone list the different sex positions she’d like to try.

There’s “real chemistry” between the protagonists and “wonderfully comedic moments”, such as when Nancy says she’s resigned herself to never having an orgasm. “It’s not a Fabergé egg, Nancy,” Leo replies. “People have it every day.”

I’m afraid I was not very charmed, says Donald Clarke in Irish weather. Yes, the movie celebrates “60s sexuality,” but it’s a little too proud of its “alleged bravery,” and the characters are all pretty familiar. Nancy is the “sort of silly Billy purse” that Thompson might play in a coma, while Leo is “absurdly decent, articulate, understanding and patient” – qualities that “few humans outside of the New Testament” show. with such abundance.


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