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A great man once said, “It’s like poetry; it rhymes. Since twenty years, Donkey was the pinnacle of sordid cinematic entertainment, and God bless him for that. My shameless love for Jackass burns an eternal flame of shameless beauty. The waterfalls of Donkey For never reflect its routines from the past, with the added pain of its aging cast.

Johnny Knoxville and his gang have more wrinkles and white hair but don’t compromise on the damage they take. If the “old man’s strength” is a reality, J.F. may have proven this theory to be true. The testicular torture the guys endure is almost admirable. I don’t care how many people blame stars for being incomprehensible delinquents. They are dedicated to their dangerous craft to this day. As Roger Allan Wade’s song says, “If you wanna be stupid, you gotta be tough.” Indeed, these Jackasses are.

What is the plot of Donkey? There are not any. Donkey started as a collection of brief sketches attached to CKY. Unless you’re a skateboard fanatic, I’ll skip a majority of CKY to get to the good parts. What became the TV sensation of Donkey evolved into a movie that spawned sequel clones and overtook the success of movies like Borat.

Donkey is like a science experiment. Put the most disgusting, painful and confusing things you can imagine on screen, then see how the audience reacts. Will anyone in the crowd vomit looking at the fart mask? Will they hold their noses during the Wasabi Snooter? Donkey it’s vaudeville on crack. It is as if The Three Stooges actually hurt the other. The humor comes from the fact that everyone is in on the joke. The hugs each sibling gives each other confirms to the audience that it’s all fun. Like Steve-O’s Barnum and Bailey’s Circus Degree, Donkey is part of a show to be enjoyed rather than judged. On the merits of judgment, I will always have a soft spot for Jackass: the movie. Corn Fooled forever competes for a good second.

You know what you pay

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A balance between pain, shock and repulsion is worked out from a developed formula. Donkey is an R-rated live-action cartoon where men are shot by cannons, slammed through barriers, attacked by vicious animals, and forced to eat the unimaginable. It’s Nickelodeon Ren & Stimpy live with humans. Many classic tracks make a comeback with a twist that pushes everything a step further into unbelievable absurdity. How high the levels of pain and repulsion went, I was happily surprised.

Due to their age, I was worried that the casting would have to be easy. The furthest thing could be from the truth. Some notable members left. The existence of key member Bam’s Margera is not even mentioned. Probably due to personal issues which could lead to negative public relations for Donkey. Who would have ever thought Donkey would be open-minded? Yet it is.

The Next Generation Jackasses

doctor's orders
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With guys like Bam gone, a new cast of characters is welcome. There’s Zach Holmes, a big guy who’s ready for any humiliation to be the next Preston Lacy. There’s a male named Poopie who has the resilience of a tank, and Rachel Wolfson, the first female Jackass. Rachel may not be shot out of a cannon or thrown against a wall as a woman, but she can certainly take her share of scorpion stings that I would defy most men. Some of the new actors work well overall, but if this is a placeholder for a new generation of Jackasses, I’m okay with the one I have, and thankfully this movie is all about to the classic gang.

Despite their graying hair and their wrinkles, Fooled forever is in all respects a Donkey film with the budget sent over the roof. Some prank creativity flaunts its millions on screen for maximum impact in something awe-inspiring beyond the reach of its predecessors. Reminders to Godzilla and Revelation now open the mayhem level at 13. The participant shock is disturbing but damn funny to watch when the helicopters arrive. How Ehren McGhehey returns for more, I’ll never know.

embrace your youth

when you gotta go, you gotta go
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Too bad some can, but Donkey taps into a weird primordial bone that can’t help being tickled. There’s a reason kids laugh when you hurt yourself, especially in the nether regions. That doesn’t change when we’re adults, no matter how sophisticated we become. To give up the things that keep us young is to drown in cynicism to death. I choose to enjoy life, putting my snobbery aside for another great Dickhouse production. Donkey cuts the fat (dialogue and story) from the unfunny slapstick comedies out there. The configuration is the anticipation of the stuffing. Who will take the lead first? Who do we most want to see suffer? How will these people react during this social experience?

If you’re up for a laugh at the theater with friends, I can’t think of a better suggestion. Fooled forever to be done in the midst of a pandemic is nothing short of a miracle. As long as the cast is tested and fully vaccinated, he is free to share any bodily fluids he pleases. It’s a pro-vaccine ad that MTV could do! The whole idea of Donkey it’s that we can profit a little from immaturity. Life is short, so don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Fooled forever= Live, Laugh, Love. I love these movies and I’m not afraid to say it.


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