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Rory Kinnear fears he will ‘terrify’ viewers by giving birth in ‘Men’.

The 44-year-old star plays various characters in the new horror film and has a scene where he gives birth multiple times and worries about the audience’s reaction.

Rory told the Metro newspaper: “The first time I saw ‘Men’ I got on the subway realizing maybe I could get along with someone who had just seen this and what a terrifying experience. it could be for them.”

The James Bond actor felt the scene was genuine as he got clingy during filming.

When asked if the scene was messy, Rory replied: “Yeah, especially when they try to warm you up with one of those foil blankets and you realize it’s going to stick to you and various lumps escape from it.

“Obviously there were patterns to represent different openings that I would come out of, but it sure felt like I was doing it for real.”

Rory plays multiple roles in the film but says he didn’t want the single role to be a “trick”.

The Imitation Game star recalled, “The script came to me on the condition that Alex (Garland, the writer/director) wanted me to play all of these roles, so obviously my interest was piqued. But I don’t didn’t want to feel like a gimmick.

“For me, acting should be the last thing on your mind after a movie, if you’ve done it successfully.”

One of Rory’s characters appears naked during the film, but he revealed that some CGI trickery spared his modesty.

He explained, “Alex said there were ways to do this that didn’t involve being naked. I was basically wearing CGI underwear!”


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