Rumor has it that the Leica film camera “will be the new version of the M6”


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The Leica M6 has become highly sought after 20 years after its discontinuation (Photo: Zebrio/Wikimedia Commons CC 2.0)

Leica’s new M-mount camera is rumored to be a new version of the Leica M6.

Leica Rumors published an article Friday September 16 indicating that the camera, which is due to be launched at an event at Leica’s German headquarters in Wetzlar next month, will be a new version of the classic model, which first appeared in 1984.

The M6 ​​remained in production until 2002 before being replaced by the M7, which itself remained in production until 2018.

Leica Rumors has released a list of still unanswered questions about the possible return of the classic model, including whether it would be the original model or the M6 ​​TTL released from 1997, whether the new model has any improvements over the original and whether the camera is built from new parts or from a newly discovered supply of original parts.

Leica’s M6 has become a highly sought-after model amid recent interest in film photography, with used models often selling for upwards of £2,000 ($2,300) without a lens.

Despite growing interest in the rumored launch of a new film camera next month, Leica has remained tight-lipped. Earlier this month, when contacted by Kosmo Foto, a Leica UK representative simply said, “Wait and see.”

Leica admitted to having struggled to keep up with demand for its film cameras, which are now limited to unmetered MA and MP.

In 2020, its global product manager, Stefan Daniel, told a meeting of the Leica Historical Society of America, “This level of interest in film cameras was something he hadn’t seen in the arrival of digital Ms more than 10 years ago.”

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