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Saif Ali Khan is someone who wears his heart on his sleeve. The actor is not one to mince his words, although he has now learned to measure them a little. While promoting his upcoming film Vikram Vedha, he recently traveled to Delhi where he spoke with the media to talk about the film, the current state of Bollywood and its co-star. Hrithik Roshan. (Also read: Saif Ali Khan calls himself ‘liberal, leftist’ but says he ‘shouldn’t say such things anymore’)

Vikram Veda is a remake of Pushkar and Gayathri’s 2017 Tamil hit of the same name, which featured R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. Responding to Hindustan Times on whether the inevitable comparisons his film will have with the original make him nervous or excited, Saif said, “Actually, I welcome the comparisons. I have great respect for Madhavan. He did a great job, but I know there will be comparisons. Someone said something to me once. We’re called stars, and there’s a whole galaxy of them. And the reason there are so many is that everyone is different. So, I hope I can bring some interesting insight to this.

In fact, Saif says he’s looking forward to making those comparisons himself. However, Madhavan’s performance as Vikram was not a point of reference for his portrayal. “It’s interesting to watch them now and compare them. I loved Madhavan in the movie. And as Hrithik also said, we’re completely different people, so the way he approached a scene is different from the way I did. I’ve never done a play but I guess that’s what happens there when new actors come into a famous play. It’s so interesting,” says Saif.

The film is set to be released to audiences, as well as critics, very soon. And the reviews will come out. Wondering if he now attaches any importance to film reviews, Saif says: “There are so many different reviews that sometimes it’s a mess. You read one that says it’s great, another that says it sucks, and a third that says it’s not good. Thus, you select over time, who you trust. So 3-4 guys who still have some integrity, in my head, I know who they are. I like to read them because it teaches me something.

Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Rishan in Vikram Veda.

Of course, he takes his family’s opinion seriously. His wife, actress Kareena Kapoor, recently saw the film at a special screening in Mumbai. Speaking about her review of the film, Saif said, “She was really happy. She thought the movie was great, she thought I was really good at it. At intermission she said ‘my God it’s a blockbuster’, then at the end she said ‘what a movie, I want to see it again’. It’s good because I watch movies with very few people and she’s someone whose opinion I value and seeing her excited about it made me feel good.

In Vikram Vedha, Saif shares screen space with Hrithik Roshan, who plays gangster Vedha to his cop Vikram. This is the first time they have collaborated since the 2002 film Na Tum Jaano Na Hum. “I was both excited and nervous working with Hrithik,” says Saif, explaining, “I’ve seen his films and sometimes it’s really hard to watch anything else. There might be beautiful girls around him or a serene sunset on screen, but you can’t stop staring at this man. You know what I’m talking about. So, I thought I might get in a lot of trouble because people would wonder why he made a movie with Hrithik when everyone else is watching. But seriously, he’s a brilliant actor and it was fun.


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