Saoirse Ronan ‘Dumped’ Over Missing Barbie Cameo – Film News |


Saoirse Ronan is ‘gutted’ after missing an appearance on ‘Barbie’.

The 28-year-old star was set to appear in the upcoming blockbuster based on the iconic doll, having previously worked with director Greta Gerwig and actress Margot Robbie – who appears as the titular toy – in the past in ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Mary Queen of Scotland respectively.

However, her schedule to shoot in Scotland for ‘The Outrun’ meant that wasn’t possible, as she told PEOPLE magazine: “I was supposed to make an appearance because I live in London and they were [filming] the.”

She added: “There was a whole character I was going to play – another Barbie. I was bummed that I couldn’t do it.”

However, she isn’t giving up hope of getting involved in some way, with the film not slated for release until July 2023.

She added: “I texted Margot and Greta and I’m like, ‘If you guys do a pickup [shots], maybe I can just cross the background?’ “

Meanwhile, Ronan stars in the new slapstick murder mystery “See How They Run,” playing 1950s police officer Agent Stalker, who is paired with a veteran detective played by Sam Rockwell.

Together, the duo are tasked with solving the murder of a Hollywood director – played by Adrien Brody – in a thriller set in London’s West End.

Reflecting on her decision to take on a very different role, she explained, “During [COVID] lockdown, I was being sent a ton of [scripts]. “We were all living in such a dark and dark time.

“I just felt like that was what I needed as a person to get some respite from all the seriousness.”


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