Scarlett Johansson felt ‘lonely at times’ amid Disney lawsuit


Scarlett Johansson has admitted she felt “lonely at times” during her legal dispute with Disney.

Last July, the Avengers actress sued the media giant for allegedly breaching her contract by releasing her 2021 film Black Widow on the Disney+ streaming service at the same time as cinemas. The lawsuit was settled in October and she is currently working on a top-secret project with Disney-owned Marvel.

Discussing the fallout from the lawsuit on theSkimm’s 9 to 5ish podcast, Johansson admitted that she sometimes felt lonely because she hadn’t received public support from many people in the industry.

“It was very surreal, I never imagined it would come to this, especially because I was so sure in my mind that I owed money,” she said. “I wasn’t unsure of that. I then had times where I was so thrown off. It was probably scary for a lot of people in the industry to express their support in a way. There was people who came out and were wonderful about him – Jamie Lee Curtis was amazing and such a champion – but he felt lonely at times and that’s when doubt started to creep in. But then I kept coming back to, ‘But it’s true’.”

The Halloween actress praised Johansson for taking legal action when she wrote about the Marvel star for Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2021 in September. With the exception of Elizabeth Olsen, Johansson’s Marvel co-stars have remained silent.

The 37-year-old explained that the lawsuit was not just for her but for others in the industry who were less fortunate and had fewer resources to fight such a legal battle.

“I knew I had to keep moving forward because it would change the way this is handled. That no one would have to deal with it like I had to and I felt like I could resist it… It worth it,” she shared.


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