Senior Movie Reviews: UCF Football Recruiting Class of 2022


ORLANDO – Here are the completed movie reviews for the UCF Recruiting Class of 2022. This list is a work in progress as more players release more of their senior movie (multiple players add movie), and full reviews will be performed at that time.

Some of the key things that were evaluated would be the difference in production between the junior season and the senior season, overall athleticism, frame, sheer speed, quickness and of course strength.

This is the most talented UCF class in a while, if ever, among the top five to ten prospects. It’s good to see UCF take on and defeat teams like Miami, Florida and Alabama and win those recruiting battles.

Additionally, this is a group of prospects with excellent positional flexibility. Knights will be able to use players like Quan Lee on special teams and in attack, and use a cornerback as Nikai Martinez nickel or safety in addition to his natural cornerback position.


Thomas Castellanos


Jordan McDonald

wide receiver

Tyler Griffin

Quan Lee

Xavier Townsend

offensive line

Caden Kitler, IOL

Leyton Nelson, OT – Signing in February

defensive line

Keahnist Thompson, DE


TJ Bullard

Kameron Moore


Ja’Cari Henderson

Nikai Martinez


Demari Henderson


Colton Boomer – Favorite Walk-on

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