Signature Teaser released, 30 tribals are part of the movie


The official teaser for the movie “Signature,” which tells Attappady’s story of love and revenge, has finally been released. Directed by Manoj Pallotan, “Signature” stars Tini Tom, Karthik Ramakrishnan, Alfie Panjikaran, Balachandran Chullikad, Chempil Asokan, Shaju Sridhar, Akhila, Nikhil, Sunil and Thirty Tribes.

Kattekad Ur Moopan Thangaraj Mash plays the role of the hero’s father. The film also has a Muduka song written by him. National Award winner Nanjiamma sings and acts in this film.

Teaser below

Produced by Libin Paul Akara, Jessie George and Arun Varghese Thattil under the Sancho’s Creations banner, “Signature” is written by Father Babu Thattil and produced by Father Babu Thattil CMI. Camera- S. Lowell, editing- Sian Srikanth, production designer- Noble Jacob, music- Sumesh Parameswaran, creative director- Nisar Muhammad, art director- Ajay Ambalathara, makeup- Pradeep Rangan, costume design- Sujith Mattannur, lyrics- Santhosh Verma, Thankaraj Moopan, Sijil Kodungallur, Stills- Aji Muscat, associate director- Praveen Unni, sound design- Vivek KM, Anoop Thomas, visual effects- Robin Alex, colorist- Bilal Basheer, sound mixing- Anju Pulikan, production manager- Anthony Kuttampally, Advertising Design – Anthony Stephen, PRO – AS Dinesh.


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