The LomoApparat is a new “experimental” 35mm camera


Lomography has announced what it calls a “totally experimental”, super-wide and easy-to-use 35mm film camera called the LomoApparat. It offers fixed settings, takes any 35mm film and is packed with what the company calls “creative features”.

After releasing a small film camera that fits in the palm of your hand, Lomography has added another film camera that’s more traditional in size, but with some rather unusual additions that make it unique among point-and-shoot film options. easy. currently on the market which begins with its unusually wide viewing frame and continues with a number of creative lens options that are included.


The LomoApparat features a 21mm wide-angle lens, but also comes with three additional lens accessories as well as what Lomography calls “experimental features”. The company claims to have designed the camera to work for photographers of all levels and experience levels. The compact camera offers “classic analog character” that Lomography describes as notable for vignetting, high contrast, saturation, and film grain.

These lens accessories allow the photographer to make more use of the 21mm lens. Attaching the close-up lens changes the minimum object distance by 0.2 meters (about 7.9 inches), so subjects stay in focus even up close. The second accessory is the “kaleidoscope” lens, which, according to Lomography, leads to “unpredictable experimental effects”. The third lens attachment is the splitzer lens attachment, which the company claims can be used for unique multi-exposure compositions.


The camera has fixed settings (which these weren’t revealed before posting), but has a few options inside of that. For example, it can be configured for long or multiple exposures with a switch. It works in multiple lighting conditions thanks to its built-in flash, which offers additional creative possibilities thanks to the optional and interchangeable colored gel filters.

Below are some sample images captured with the new Lomography LomoApparat 35mm film camera, provided by the company:

Lomography plans to offer the new camera in two editions: a classic black leather design and a Neubau edition in genuine Italian leather with “a bold turquoise journey.”

The black leather option is available for $89 while the Neubau edition is slightly more expensive at $99. Both editions can be purchased directly from the Lomography online store.


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