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Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein (director)

London FrightFest 2022 (studio)

18 (certificate)

145 (length)

August 29, 2022 (published)

August 30, 2022

Have you ever heard of End Zone 2? No, neither are many other attendees at a convention in the United States set to announce a reboot of the aforementioned darkness.

A film that is part of a series of slashers that had American football at its heart. A promoter has lured the two players believed to have played the Smashmouth killer: Mikey Smash (Michael St Michaels) and William Mouth (Bill Weeden).

There is a dispute as to who the killer is, though both seem to have some claim to the role. Smash was in the original but his compensated actions meant he was scrapped for the sequel and Mouth played the part, but as that film ends after an hour his performance was never seen. As such, there is a feud between them exacerbated by the fact that they both have to share a signing and merchandise table.

The whole thing, as you might expect, is a confusion and mess with the reboot announcement not quite having the expected profile, so the numbers are poor. There’s also the small issue that there’s more interest in the Man-spider event which keeps the crowds away from the pair. Eventually they have few options but work together in a weird way.

It’s a beautifully watched and lovingly directed parody by writers and directors Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein, with Cacciola stepping in front of the camera near the end as everything begins to spin out of control. During the movie, there are clips from End Zone 2, which has a full run after the main feature. That the filmmakers can bring in so many horror industry notables and are happy to jump in and go with the flow, says there’s not a nasty bone here.

The film covers nearly every aspect of low-budget American exploitation film production, including the European rip-offs that are an integral part of this genre of cinema and could be classified as one of its own. Certainly, this film proves it.

This, and many more, will be picked up by die-hard fans, but as with Spinal Tap, this movie shouldn’t alienate audiences with jokes because it’s too well-written, funny, and acted in such a way that it can’t not fail. to reach wider than the genus its veins.


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