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Malachi Smyth (director)


15 (certificate)

100 (length)

September 09, 2022 (published)

-1052145 mins

As Troy (Will Poulter) tells Mike (Johnny Flynn) at the start of the film, “score” has many meanings in English. One of them may well be from the viewer of this film what is the score with The Score. It’s an odd amalgamation of thriller, character study, romance, and musical comedy.

The film opens with Troy singing as he goes to meet Mike with a bag of money. They have to meet people in a cafe to make a deal. At the cafe, Troy is almost immediately fascinated by Gloria (Naomi Ackie), with a wary Mike warning to get too involved and focus on the work at hand. But Troy can’t help it and the two begin a banter which, over the course of the film, has its ups and downs and its secrets.

Meanwhile, the cafe begins to come alive with eccentric customers – one wants to take a picture of Mike and gets overlooked while Troy and Gloria are more obliging. Also showing up are a pair who had already been beaten by Troy earlier at a gas station. Eventually, Lydia Wilson arrives for work and everything gets much murkier.

Lack of original thinking or ambition isn’t an issue here, with writer/director Malachi Smyth having a superb cast tackling a wordy script and the film looks stunning. The problem is that none of this really comes together cohesively, so it’s fragmented. As such, the pacing is off most of the time and it starts to drag on the film.

On the vocals and songs, these don’t advance the plot much more to allow the actors to express their feelings for each other. That kind of stuff will come down to my personal taste and aside from the first song that picks up at the end of the movie, I wasn’t very impressed with the tunes or the execution.


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