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“Ticket to Paradise” has halted production in Australia due to a severe coronavirus outbreak.

Sources familiar with the film say stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts have therefore returned to the United States.

The film began production last year at multiple locations across the state of Queensland and was only two weeks away from completion, but reports say the film will now go into a three-month hiatus – and it is not yet known when the camera will be able to roll again.

“Ticket to Paradise” is directed by Ol Parker and follows two divorced parents who rush to Bali to stop their daughter from rushing into an unwise marriage like theirs.

Filming would use the Whitsunday Islands, replacing Bali, with other locations including Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The film was supposed to be released in October, but the three-month production hiatus could throw the date into question.

George has previously described his co-star Julia, 54, as a “genuine movie star”, although he struggles to articulate what allows a performer to fall into that particular category.

Asked what makes a movie star, the 60-year-old actor replied: “I don’t know. I can’t comment on that because I can’t comment on how people perceive or how I’m perceived by the people.

“I can comment on movie stars in general. I know a few of them and I’ve known some great ones. I was really good friends with Gregory Peck, he was a great one. Newman, there are others who I’m friends with who are movie stars, real movie stars.

“Brad Pitt is a movie star, Julia Roberts is a movie star.

“I guess the only thing – I don’t remember who it was, a government official once said, you know I can’t give you the definition of porn, but I know it when I see.”


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