Tiffany Haddish returns to the dating scene – Film News |


Tiffany Haddish enjoys getting back into the dating scene and meeting “potential suitors.”

During an interview for Cosmopolitan magazine’s September 2022 issue, the Girls Trip actress was asked if she was dating again after splitting from Common in November 2021 after a year-long relationship.

And while Tiffany is “building a kingdom right now,” she also confirmed she’s been looking for love.

“I’m dating my ass. It’s been a really great thing. I know all the good restaurants now,” the 42-year-old shared. “I have a date coming up where I dine in the dark. You order your food before you go in, and you go in and it’s dark, and the food is supposed to be really good because you can’t see. “

Elsewhere in the chat, Tiffany also insisted that she prioritizes comfort when going on a date.

“Put on something cute but not too fancy. If you’re going to dance, be prepared for cute but comfy shoes. I don’t want to complain. I’ll wait until the third or fourth date to be that date .” she explained. “I’m going to do something uncomfortable and see how he handles my discomfort because you need to know that before you sleep with a man unless he’s the stepping stone (casual encounter).”


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