Touching Moments from the Basketball Court to the Backcountry and Beyond — Stir


The grizzly truth (Canada)

At the Performing Arts Center October 1 at 2 p.m. and October 5 at 6 p.m.

Kathleen S. Jayme defines the term great fan. The local director and longtime Vancouver Grizzlies supporter managed to reunite with Bryant Reeves for the hit 2018 film Find a great country. She’s back, this time with The grizzly truth. Six seasons after the NBA franchise debuted here, it was gone. Jayme reveals the answer to the question: what the hell happened?

It’s not just a movie about the fans who were completely devoted to the team back then and still miss them today. And Jayme does more than travel fearlessly across North America to get incredible interviews with key players on and off the court, including Stu Jackson, Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Mike Bibby. She also shares entertaining commentary by fellow superfans like Justin McElroy, while viewers are in for bigger surprises than Big Country itself. The filmmaker has all the chops of an investigative reporter, but she adds soulful depth to the film by highlighting how important the Grizzlies’ presence in Vancouver was to so many people, especially the second-generation kids who found solace and their own identity in attending those games, no matter the team’s disastrous record, with the longest losing streak in NBA history. For Jayme herself, being able to see the team in action on the home court was a way to connect with her roots in the Philippines, where basketball is more than the national sport; there, as his father shares in the film, it’s even bigger than religion. If Jayme is successful, Vancouver will one day get another NBA team to cheer on. Meanwhile, her latest outing shows her excellent pace and the determination of a champion. G.J.

(The world premiere of The grizzly truth October 1 will mark the first reunion of the Vancouver Grizzlies in 20 years with former players Antonio Harvey, George Lynch, Tony Massenburg and Steve Francis attending the Center for Performing Arts, joined by the original Vancouver Grizzlies team Extreme Dance, mascot Super Grizz, and AP announcer Al Murdoch. The Grizz reunion continues after the screening, starting at 5 p.m. at VIFF Square (šxʷƛ̓exən Xwtl’a7shn located outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre), with the chance to meet the players.)


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