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The film opens October 28

Toei announced the production of a live-action film adaptation of Tsutomu Takahashiit is Tenmasō no Sanshimai – Sky High (The Three Sisters Tenmasō – Sky High) manga. The film will be released in Japan on October 28 and will feature:

Not like Tamae

Yuko Oshima like Nozomi

Mugi Kadowaki as Kanae

Ryuhei Kitamurathe director of the previous sky high series and live-action film, returns to direct the film. Ureha Shimada is writing the script. Akihiko Matsumoto compose the music.

The story takes place in Tenmasō, a spa inn located by a secluded river that is visited by people hovering between life and death. People say that the three sisters who work there can heal souls on the brink. A certain visitor arrives one day.

Takahashi launched the Tenmasō no Sanshimai – Sky High manga in Shueishait is big jump magazine in August 2013, and finished it with its fourth volume in October 2014.

Takahashi launched his first sky high paranormal manga series in 2001, and it spawned other spin-off manga such as heavenly karma and Skyhigh: Shinsho. It also inspired two live-action television series in 2003 and 2004, as well as a 2003 film by Ryuhei Kitamura (VersusStaff, Azumi).

tokyopop published that of Takahashi Jiraishin police action manga, under the title ice blade, as one of the company’s first titles in North America. Takahashi serialized a sequel titled Jiraishin diablo in Good! Afternoon magazine from 2008 until its end in 2011.

Takahashi launched a manga titled Rosie guitar store in Shogakukanit is great comic Zokan in May 2020, and launched another manga titled Jumbo-Max in great comic in April 2020. Both manga are in progress.

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