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Varun Raina aims to inspire and teach others through his talents

By Husain Rizvi

Published: Tue 22 Feb 2022, 10:38

Last update: Tue 22 Feb 2022, 10:59

It was at the age of four that Varun Raina, a determined child, began to show a keen interest in music. Intimidated by their child’s ability to hum classic Indian songs perfectly without speaking, parents Sanjay and Neena enrolled Varun in an institute to develop his impressive talent.

During his first stage performance, Varun became nervous and ran behind the curtains. But it only went up from there, as Varun, now 23, boasts of having performed at Dubai Opera, Atlantis, Global Village and even Expo 2020. of Dubai in progress.

And it does not stop there.

“Acting is also something that Varun enjoys, whether in theater or in film,” Sanjay said in a chat with City Times. “He gets into character and delivers it brilliantly. He’s a totally different individual when he’s on stage or in front of the camera.

Varun is playing a major role in an upcoming movie titled love chords. It aims to ensure the inclusion of determined people in society. A short film, love chords transmits, with determination and reflection, the story of a young adult with special needs. Since its premiere a year ago, the film has been shot entirely in the United Arab Emirates and features local actors alongside Varun.

Film with a message

“It was amazing to see how all the co-actors worked with Varun. The movie shot smoothly and most of the crew members are family friends now,” Sanjay said. to bring “hope to parents of determined children” that their children, given an opportunity in any inclusive field, can do well.” It also aims to give hope to companies or filmmakers that people with special needs should have opportunities in their areas of strength,” Sanjay added.

And Sanjay is grateful to be in Dubai where the government is doing all it can to support determined children and adults.

The Rainas, a family of four – Sanjay, Neena, Varun and Saransh, their youngest child (19) – are originally from Kashmir but have left India since 2005. They lived in Indonesia and Malaysia before coming in Dubai in 2011 where Neena now runs a center for determined children, Tender Hearts. There, Varun leads laughter sessions during yoga.

Asked about the role the UAE played in shaping Varun’s life, Raina said, “The country provided Varun with a good base to learn music and drama. Companies here incorporate purposeful people into their roles.

But the Rainas never had it easy. “The biggest challenge was to get him some initial therapy and then a formal school where he could enroll,” Sanjay said, adding that a few schools had promised onboarding and help from school therapists, but didn’t. never succeeded. The attitude and approach of many children in his age group at the time was also a challenge, says Sanjay, who cites the “lack of education and awareness” about determined people as a contributing factor that makes the most difficult task for everyone, including parents.

Despite these issues, Varun’s confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed, helping him manage and lead any event. Now he aims to inspire and teach others through his talents.

His next film, love chordswill be screened at Vox Cinemas in Dubai on February 23.


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