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There are traditional ways to pursue a career in film, and then there are Victoria Lacoste. After being frustrated with the narrow scope and limited vision within the standard framework of Hollywood success, in 2018 Lacoste decided to become an actress and filmmaker on her own terms. Two award-winning short films (ask a friend2019 and The fourth wall2020), a acclaimed music video (with Dani ft. JoeyStarr), and completed post-production on a feature film written and directed by an acclaimed director Pascal Arnold (American Translation, 2011 and Being Light, 2001), Lacoste did just that.

And now she’s ready to push the boundaries even further.

On War Paint’s song “Billie Holiday”, Lacoste teamed up with a visual artist Penelope Caillet to invent an achromatic ode to the most important love and also often to the most complicated relationship of all, the one we have with ourselves.

“I don’t think many of us really learn to be alone – and I mean really alone. It can be incredibly difficult to release all expectations of yourself – even when no one else is around, because our outer selves are so grounded in our identities. This movie was about exploring what it’s like to really dive into your own depths. To really dance like no one is watching. To allow the edges to unravel without fear. to appear unbalanced.

-Victoria Lacoste

The same could be said for sexuality, which is another major theme of the short film.

“I think we’re still incredibly behind in our definition of self-expression and creativity when it comes to femininity. For me, sexuality is just as much a mode of self-expression when you’re alone as it is when you’re alone. is with others. A woman’s body can exist in a sensual space without a partner – and without feeling the absence of a partner. In the film, the body is alone with itself and it is contained and whole I think even something so simple can be a huge statement when done without compromise.

-Victoria Lacoste

Lacoste has made a name for itself by successfully tackling difficult projects and subjects in several film genres and has no intention of stopping at Renaissance.

“With my film production company Edelweiss Productions, I have the rare opportunity to follow projects that really touch home, whatever the genre. I’m not one to stay on one lane and I follow my instincts. And that’s what has brought me success so far. I can’t wait to see what else we can do when it comes to pushing the boundaries, when we actively decide not to play by the rules.

-Victoria Lacoste


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