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Perry Blackshear (director)


90 (length)

August 16, 2022 (published)

2 p.m.

Siblings Daphne (Libby Ewing) and Wilson (Evan Dumouchel) have a close relationship that grew as they had to care for each other. Thanks to Wilson’s care for Daphne during her dark times, she hopes to adopt after finally shedding her demons. Then Wilson taking a step back, the humiliation of preparing for an interview and then being told on the street by one of the interviewers not to bother to show up.

The pair have clearly had a rocky past and Wilson’s future certainly doesn’t hold much. Things get worse when a stalker (MacLeod Andrews) starts following Daphne, forcing her brother and sister to follow him after he starts threatening them both. The dark, uncompromising streets of Brooklyn serve as the backdrop for this grim urban horror.

When I Consume You is a dark, heavy film that’s not easy to digest with its deliberately lo-fi aesthetic and slow-burning pace. He often has a documentary aspect to it, reverting to more filmic camerawork, especially towards the end. It’s an ugly movie in some ways, but the effects of addiction should never be dimmed as we witness the horror of addiction. Likewise, Wilson’s blows at the hands of the stalker (David Castille) are uncompromising.

Divided into distinct sections, writer-director Perry Blackshear has crafted a complex and unsettling film that uses the steamy, brooding setting of Brooklyn to maximum effect in the first two acts. Until the third act, it buzzes a bit as it achieves psychological depth as well as physical advantage. It doesn’t quite work that way until the final section when the supernatural really kicks in and the movie unfolds in a satisfying, if not enduringly memorable way. The acting is first class with Ewing and Dumouchel excelling in challenging roles that the viewer will have little trouble understanding.

When I Consume You will be available on digital platforms from August 16.


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