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For centuries, gambling has been one of the most exciting pastimes you can think of. Whether we’re young or old, rich or poor, everyone reading this might be interested in the game. And when they know their favorite celebrities are also on the same page, it feels good. The way celebrities play is reasonably different from ordinary people. As they are extremely wealthy and able to live a luxurious life, they do not believe in placing low bets. Instead, their crazy bets in casinos and sportsbooks can simply blow your mind. They lose more money than ordinary people and earn more too.

In the beginning, there were only land-based casinos that only the wealthy used to visit and celebrities who gambled there. But now, as online casinos have entered the gambling world, more and more celebrities are inclined to bet in online casinos. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the list of some celebrities who are big gamers.

Helene Chamberlain
Helen Chamberlain is one of those British celebrities who have always shown their passion for the game. From the time she was a darts champion, she was active in many fields and french online casino. One of her greatest achievements as a player dates back to 2005 when she finished second in Poker Millions. She won a mammoth prize of over £350,000.
To embrace her outstanding performance in the Poker Million, rumors have it that she bought a sports car for her then-boyfriend. Along with this, she also bought a beautiful thoroughbred and named it Birkspiel.
Not only in casino games, but Helen has also shown her great passion for sports betting, especially horse racing. His thoroughbred Birkspiel won a £50,000 prize in a horse race in Germany. It was Birkspiel’s first-ever appearance on a horse-racing track, and to taste success on the first try was something extraordinary.
Gambling has been a top pastime for many British celebrities throughout their careers. And Helen is definitely one of them.

Pamela Anderson
Anyone who likes bold Hollywood films will surely know Pamela Anderson. She was one of the most distinguished sex symbols due to her outrageous roles in many Hollywood movies and her daring photo shoots in many adult magazines. But, another identity that she carried throughout her career is that she was a great player. The game Pamela liked to play in casinos was poker. She revealed that at one point in her career she was completely addicted to casino games.
Pamela married Rick Solomon after losing to him in a poker game at a renowned Las Vegas casino. She lost around £250,000.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck has been a big superstar in Hollywood movies. For his notable roles in “Justice League” and “Good Will Hunting”, he won a few Oscars. Besides being an excellent actor, Ben loved poker and casinos. He played many poker tournaments in the richest casinos and won several of them. But later he started losing contests and money playing his favorite game, poker. Many news articles claimed that at some point in his life, Ben became addicted to gambling and suffered extreme losses because of it. He was sent to rehabilitation centers to keep him away from his addiction. Not only in poker, but Ben has also tried his luck in many Blackjack tournaments.
After returning from rehab, Ben raised over £1.5million to help his friends. It is also known that Ben used to leave generous amounts of tips to casino employees.

Jennifer Tilly
Jennifer Tilly is a very versatile actress and she is known for her versatility in her gambling endeavors. You will be impressed to know that she enjoyed playing poker and became a great female power player. She also won the big World Series poker tournament. Once in her career, she considered herself a retired poker player. But she came back and came back stronger than ever. After returning to the poker world, she won over £1 million in different casino tournaments. Jennifer is one of the few talented poker players to have won far more than she has lost. Jennifer will be known worldwide for her exceptional acting and as an excellent poker player.

50 cents
Rappers will surely be at the top of the list when it comes to flaunting their money. And you can count 50 cents as one of them. Anyone who loves rap music will definitely hear 50 Cent songs. Without a doubt, he was one of the most successful rappers ever born after Tupac and Eminem.
Curtis Jackson James III, aka 50 Cent, will be known around the world as arguably the best Hip Hop artist of the 2000s. But do you know what a great player he was? During his highly successful career as an artist, he accumulated a large net worth. And we can’t forget how big a role the game played in it. To be precise, 50 Cent wasn’t quite a casino lover, but he loved sports betting as much as he loved writing his hit songs.
Throughout Cent’s career as a top sportsman, he’s lost money, but his exquisite wins negate those losses. Let’s share two such imperial examples when he placed outrageous bets and ended up on the winning side. He placed around £2million in bets on famed American boxer Floyd Mayweather. Floyd was fighting Manny Pacquiao. And guess what? Floyd cheated on Manny in the ring. Later, he placed millions on the Francisco 49ers playing against the New York Giants. 50 Cent ended up winning that too.

Last words
So here are some of the well-known celebrities who have shown huge enthusiasm towards casinos and gambling. We could not include them all in our list because the names are countless. It proves that gaming has been a top celebrity pastime for years. It’s a bit easier for celebrities to gamble than normal people because money isn’t something they worry too much about. We can take inspiration from it, but it is our duty to play responsibly.


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